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The GAPP Conference in association with Nashua

The GAPP Conference, a printing, packaging and signage conference taking place at Nasrec on 16 March 2016, will be held In Association with Nashua.

The Conference, which features leading business, political and industry commentators and speakers will be held in conjunction with The GAPP Print Expo trade show taking place at Nasrec from 15 to 18 March as part of the Propak Africa show.

Said Jessica Midlane, Brand Manager at Nashua, ‘The coming together of like-minded and business-savvy individuals in the Production Print industry in South Africa has previously been limited to large and impersonal gatherings. The world-class knowledge share and level of expertise at The GAPP Conference promises not only to be hugely informative, but will also give the chance for these individuals to share experiences and network on a level that holds true value.’

The GAPP Conference will be held in the Black Eagle Room at Nasrec and will include tea breaks, lunch and the opportunity to interact with speakers. Proceedings for the day will be managed by the Master of Ceremonies Derek Watts, award-winning journalist and anchor of MNET’s Carte Blanche. He will be joined by Justice Malala who will outline the political state of the country and what we can expect in the run-up to the elections scheduled for next year. Alec Hogg will give an overview of the economic climate in the country and where South Africa finds itself as part of the world economy.

These two well-known business analysts will be accompanied by industry speakers Linda Jackson focusing on the role played by standards in the packaging industry, Mike Horsten who will look at the large-format printing and signage market and, Laurel Brunner who will address the state of the international printing industry.

Brent Gehlig, Product Manager for Production Printing at Nashua added, ‘2016 is an important year for Nashua – our business has been structured so that we can actively concentrate on our eight lines of business – Production Print being one of them. The technology that Nashua can offer to both existing and potential clients in this arena is world class, and we are excited to show the market our capabilities through the sponsorship of The GAPP Conference. This combined with the super mix of leading experts on the relevant subject matter and the opportunity to provide real value to our existing and potential clients makes this an ideal opportunity for Nashua.’

Said Vikesh Roopchand, managing director of Sentient Events – a subsidiary of Sentient Publishing, ‘We are delighted to have Nashua as the Platinum Sponsor for the inaugural staging of The GAPP Conference. We believe we have attracted speakers and commentators of the highest calibre to offer delegates valuable information for the future of their businesses. We have addressed the main sectors of the industry and also business in the South African context. We would like to express our thanks to Nashua for this sponsorship and henceforth the 2016 conference will be known as The GAPP Conference in Association with Nashua.’

For more information on The GAPP Conference, how to become a sponsor or to reserve your seat visit or contact Sentient Events on 011 475 5095.

The GAPP Print Expo: Are you there?

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Think of your favourite tradeshows, the ones that left you exhausted, but in a good way. Think of what you achieved and what you saw at the show. Remember all the people you know who you saw at the show. Attending a trade show for all of us is one of those things that we don’t necessarily want to do but we know that the end result will be worthwhile.

However, exhibiting at a show carries with it a number of emotions. You have to consider costs, not only of the process of exhibiting at the show, but also the cost of the things that you will have on your stand and the time away from the office. These raise some mixed feelings, causing you to think about the value of exhibiting at a show compared to the potential returns. At the end of the day, you know that your presence at the show is important. It maintains brand awareness, it shows your customers that you are active and it sets your position in the market.

The one area of concern is whether you will achieve the volume of visitors that you would like to see and whether the attendees will be interested in your offering and whether they will be of the right calibre. What you need is some assurances. How can you get these?

You need partners who have the right links to the market you are involved in and also partners who have expertise in organising and arranging tradeshows with a proven track record. The combination of The GAPP Magazine and Specialised Exhibitions brings you just such partnerships.

The GAPP Magazine brings you industry trends, developments and news. It also has a direct link to more than 22000 readers across the combined platforms of the printed magazine and the electronic newsletter. Combine this with the extensive industry knowledge of the team at the magazine and you have a dedicated vehicle for addressing your market. If you then consider the expertise of Specialised Exhibitions at organising trade shows and you have a formidable union.

It is on the basis of this union that The GAPP Print Expo has come about. There are now just seven months until the doors open on the co-located shows including The GAPP Print Expo, ProPlas, Foodpro and ProLabel. Situated in Hall 7 at Nasrec, The GAPP Print Expo is the largest show dedicated to all forms of print bringing it in line with the coverage of the magazine which addresses all aspects of the printing industry. As this point, Hall 7 is more than 90 percent sold with just a few stands still available.

The last show held in 2013 attracted more than 13000 visitors including a large presence from neighbouring African countries. Through the marketing efforts of The GAPP and its associated publication The GAPP Contacts, an even larger African contingent is expected in 2016.

That is not all. In addition to the attraction of the largest show of its kind on the African continent, The GAPP will be running a two-day conference aimed at senior decision-makers and buyers of printing services. Speakers from the upper echelons of the printing industry will appear on the same platform as leaders from business, industry and government to give delegates an overview of the future of our country and industry.

Vikesh Roopchand, managing director of Sentient Publishing commented, ‘To obtain more information on exhibiting at the show or participating in the conference please contact Sentient Publishing on +27 (0) 11 475 5095 or e-mail:

The GAPP Awards: What you are striving for

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GAPP AwardsTrophies

Competition is generally healthy; it creates the drive and desire to do better. Winners want to retain their top-notch position and those who fall short want to dethrone the winners. But titles come and go. It is the lasting mementoes and reminders of the competition and the achievements which carry the real value. Trophies and certificates can be displayed for customers, suppliers and the industry as a whole to see and admire.

Until recently there was no competition for the local printing industry. At the beginning of this year, Sentient Publishing launched The GAPP Awards as the only and most representative printing competition for the local industry. For the purposes of the competition and in keeping with the coverage of The GAPP Magazine, printing refers to any process where an image is created on a substrate.

The GAPP Awards are now open for entries and are progressing well. Sponsorships are gradually filling up and entries are being received. So, what is it that you will be competing for? These spectacular trophies (pictured above) have been designed and hand-crafted by Hypenotik Design based on a concept devised by the team at Sentient Publishing to capture the essence of The GAPP Brand. It is a strong, modern design emphasising the new and modern look and feel of The GAPP while at the same time reflecting the tradition and history of the printing industry and the various processes which make it up.

The GAPP Awards is a broad-spectrum printing competition designed to give printers the opportunity to compete against other printers in similar sectors. A total of thirty categories have been determined to ensure that printers from all sectors of industry can enter and compete. The aim is to make the competition as representative as possible in order to ensure that printers from every sector have the ability to enter.

A full list of the competition categories can be found on the new and dedicated website which offers a single source for all the information on the competition. The category description will help you to determine the best category for you to enter. However, should you enter into the wrong category, the judges in the first round of judging will have the ability to move your entry if they feel that you have made a mistake.

So, why should you enter?

There is no question that quality is a must in the modern printing, signage and packaging industry. Customers will not accept anything less than the absolute best quality. But quality is a subjective thing and only by looking at print from a position of knowledge, expertise and understanding of the intricacies, can true quality be determined. This is where The GAPP Awards will allow printers to compete against each other because their work will be judged by an independent panel of judges who have experience in the various sectors involved.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to printers from all sectors of the industry irrespective of the type of substrate used, as each different type of substrate or printing technique will be addressed by a specific category. Each entry carries an entry fee – a portion of which will be retained for training purposes. Entries can be submitted by printers themselves, by their customers or by anyone associated with the job such as advertising or design agencies. It is important to note that entries can only be submitted with the approval of the specific printer as it is the printer who will win the award. Clients, agencies and other suppliers involved in the production of the job will be able to purchase additional certificates after the awards ceremony.

How do I enter?

All entries must be made via the website with a comprehensive section explaining the entry process. Once the entry form has been submitted and the payment for the entry made, a physical copy of the entry form plus two samples of the printed entry (or a portion in the case of larger works) must be sent to the address given on the website. The entry will only be considered complete once all these steps have been completed.

How often can I enter?

The aim should obviously be to enter as many times as possible across a number of different sectors. This increases your chances of winning an award. Awards will only be presented if the quality of entries in each of the categories meets a certain standard. The decision of what constitutes sufficient quality will rest with the judges and they will determine if awards are to be presented or not.

How will judging work?

There will be two rounds of judging. The first round will determine the quality of all the entries to be considered. Sub-standard entries will be removed from the judging process. The focus will be on print quality, not design and the onus will fall on the judges to determine the difference. Design for print is a separate category. It is also at this stage that the judges will check to see whether all entries are in the correct category. Once the preliminary judging has been concluded, the remaining entries will go through for final judging.

Who will the judges be?

Judges will be selected by an independent convenor of judges. Sentient Publishing, its staff and agents will not play any part in the process of selecting judges, other than putting names forward from the list it receives as recommendations.

All that remains now is for you to start entering your jobs. One way of selecting the jobs to enter is to have an internal competition. This will allow you recognise individual operators or teams within your own organisation thereby encouraging them to improve their own quality, which benefits everyone. You can then enter the very best work which your company produces. Start compiling your work and get those entries in and one of these fantastic trophies could be taking pride of place in your company.

Sentient Publishing makes it two for two

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New ABC High res logo

In the just over two years since Nex Media magazine was launched it has gone from being a new entry into the market to one of the only magazines in its sector to have been certified by the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Nex Media was launched in January 2013 addressing all aspects of marketing and media including both above- and below-the-line. The magazine addresses all of the latest trends and developments which are being experienced. It also features thought leadership and opinion pieces from leaders in the industry.

The certification gives readers and advertisers the assurances that claimed distribution figures are correct. The Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) conducts a full audit of the figures including verifying the volumes printed, the volumes posted and the number of returns. It also looks at how returned copies are handled and processed.

The certification of Nex Media by ABC marks the second publication from Sentient Publishing to achieve certification. The GAPP Magazine – addressing the printing, signage and packaging industry was first awarded its ABC certificate two years ago, just two years after it was launched.

Said Vikesh Roopchand, managing director of Sentient Publishing, ‘We are very proud of the fact that we have been able to achieve ABC certification for Nex Media within two years. Establishing a new title in a niche market is no small task especially when you consider the fact that we had to start from a zero base in terms of the readership database.

‘Managing the database of a new magazine is a long and time-intensive process but it is even more difficult in the marketing industry where unsolicited mail is treated harshly by people who know and understand the Consumer Protection Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act. This certification gives us the transparency which provides peace-of-mind for the recipients of our magazines.’

Readership of Nex Media is growing through the online copies of the magazine and the distribution of a monthly newsletter.

The GAPP Printexpo: Creating a winning formula

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Printexpo logoThe GAPP Print Expo is part of the Propak series of exhibitions and is a joint venture between Sentient Publishing, publisher of The GAPP Magazine, and Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery, owner of the Propak and associated exhibitions. The GAPP Print Expo will be held conjointly with Propak Africa from 15 to 18 March 2016 in Hall 7.

The agreement is a synergistic alliance between two specialist companies, the one with a knowledge and understanding of the printing industry and the other with the know-how and expertise in presenting industry-leading exhibitions. The GAPP Magazine is the only broad-spectrum trade publication serving all aspects of the printing industry while Specialised Exhibitions has more than 40 years of experience in staging business-to-business trade shows.

Vikesh Roopchand, managing director of Sentient Publishing explained the role of The GAPP Magazine in the joint venture as the vehicle best suited to addressing the needs of the Printing Industry due to the close relationship that the magazine enjoys with its readers, whether printers, packaging manufacturers or suppliers to the industry.

He added that with a recipient list for its printed version of more than 4000 and an additional 6000 online readers, The GAPP has the widest readership across the broadest range of market sectors. Add to this its online newsletter in conjunction with its linked directory The GAPP Contacts and you have a company and publication with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the South African Printing Industry.

He went on to explain that the format for the show will incorporate two specific series of conferences and seminars. The GAPP Conference will bring leading international speakers from all sectors of the printing, signage and packaging industries to address delegates on topics which are relevant and pertinent to the players in the local market as well as addressing international trends and developments which will have a bearing on the direction of future business locally and internationally. In addition, Printing SA will be presenting training conferences.

Gary Corin, managing director of Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery explained the roles of the respective parties. He stated that Specialised Exhibitions has a long-standing connection to the printing and packaging industry in South Africa through its Propak series of exhibitions. He also mentioned that the face of the printing industry is changing and that it is no longer enough to have experience, what is necessary is a thorough and close knowledge of the industry.

Gary went on to state that it is the role of trade shows and exhibitions to act as a conduit between suppliers and their customers which requires that there is a perception and understanding of the value-add that can be offered. This extends beyond the mere presentation of a venue and opportunity for interaction but requires additional benefits for both parties.

The GAPP Print Expo will bring the leading suppliers from all print-related sectors of the market to one venue with the aim of providing a platform for discussion and to generate interest in the latest systems and technologies available on the market. Visitors will be privy to the very latest solutions in the areas of signage, large-format, digital and conventional printing to meet the needs of all sectors of the market. Peripheral and ancillary products, services and solutions will also be demonstrated.

Based on the previous success of the combined Propak series of shows, it is expected that more than 13 000 visitors will attend the shows over the three-day period. In addition to the local visitors, a large contingent of visitors from around Africa is expected to attend the shows.

For more information on The GAPP Print Expo and how to exhibit or to register contact Sentient Publishing on 0861 111 987 or visit the website

How to Enter: The GAPP Awards

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GAPPAwardLogoFinalOver the past few months we have spoken at length about the launch of the GAPP Awards as The, signage, printing and packaging industry competition. The aim is to provide printers across all sectors of the market with the opportunity to compete against one another with the goal of being named The Pinnacle of Excellence in their respective printing disciplines.

We have explained how many categories there will be and even when the final gala event will take place. What we have not explained, except in the most rudimentary of terms, is how the process of entering will work. We have made every effort to simplify the process as much as possible. By the time you reach this point you should hopefully have undertaken some form of internal judging to determine which jobs represent the very best of your work over a given period. Remember that you can only enter up to ten jobs per category.

Once you have the entries in-hand and you know what categories you are going to enter you can now start the process of actually registering entries. All of this can be handled online. Remember that you will need three, or more, copies of your entries for judging purposes and that all your entries must be as close to pristine condition as possible to allow the judges the best opportunity to judge your entries. Entries will also be photographed and you want only the best to be seen. Entries can be submitted by printers, their clients, agencies or anyone associated with the job. However, as this is a printing competition, it is the printer who will receive the awards. Winners can order and purchase additional certificates to present to clients after the event.

To enter the competition, log onto the website The website has been designed to be easy to navigate without lengthy explanations for each section. The website will explain the process but this article will give a step-by-step explanation of how to go about submitting your entry. Start with a general browse around the website to see how the website works and get a feel for the competition.

Under ‘The GAPP Awards 2016’ tab you will find information on why you should participate in the competition, but if you have got to this point, you are certain to know the reasons why you should be entering. Under the same tab you will find the various categories to give you a better overview of the expanse of the competition. The next item under this tab is a full and detailed explanation on ‘How to Enter’. This will include some clarifying information on how to select which category you should enter your different pieces into. The judges will, however, have the right to move entries if they feel that an entry has been incorrectly entered.

The next item under this tab is ‘Submit an Entry’. The entire process of entering is done right here. Complete the three-page form giving the name of the printer, the name of the person entering the competition and the technical information of the specific job. It would be advisable to have all the necessary information before starting the process as the form cannot be saved. (See the panel at the end of this article for the necessary information.) Each entry must be made on a separate entry form as each entry form carries with it a specific number which will be used to identify it. This is done to ensure complete anonymity and to prevent any impropriety. Once you have completed your entry form and are ready to submit you will be asked for the method of payment you would like to use – EFT or credit card. In either case the entry can only be considered finalised when payment is received. (Remember that a percentage of every entry will go towards an education fund for people wanting to enter or already working in the printing industry.)

The final part of the process will be to submit your entry. This will generate an automatic entry form which will be sent to you by e-mail. At the same time an automatic invoice will be generated which will also be e-mailed to you. Your entry form must accompany your physical entry – you can retain a copy for your records. You can then send off your entry to the address provided on the entry form. All entries must reach us by the end of July 2016.

That is the entry process but there is one more thing that that you should do, read the terms and conditions. The last thing you want is to have your entry being disqualified because there was something you missed in the T&Cs. Disqualified entries will not be refunded or notified. Also under the same tab you will find an explanation of the judging.

The next tab is ‘The GAPP Awards Sponsors’ which will give an explanation of what the benefits are to sponsors of the Awards. Various levels of sponsorship are available. Feel free to contact us if you would like to consider some form of sponsorship.

Now that you know how easy it is to enter, all that remains is to motivate your staff to produce their absolute best work and then to enter. One way of achieving the best may be to have a small internal competition running and award the winning teams or crews on a monthly basis and then once a quarter enter the best job(s). Good luck and we look forward to receiving your entries.

Entry Information Required.

1) Title of the Job
Name of the customer – company name
Name of the designer/agency – company or individual
Name of the printer – company name
Category into which the entry falls – 30 to choose from
Printer – company name
Contact person – preferably the owner
Printer’s address
Printer’s contact information
2) Name of the company submitting the entry – if you are the printer please repeat the info from page one if not, this is the information for the person or company entering the competition
Your VAT Number will be required for invoicing purposes
Important entry information
Environmentally-friendly attributes
Special binding or folding techniques
Special finishes
Printing Press
Run length
Special treatments and finishes
3) Other information
Substrate used – name and grammages of paper or board where applicable

The GAPP Awards: THE South African print awards

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When it comes to human beings there is an innate need and desire for competition. To pit our skills and abilities against someone else. We see it in all walks of life from school, through to sports – both amateur and professional, to industry. We constantly want to be the best, do the best or align ourselves with the best.

Introducing The GAPP Awards. The South African Printing, Packaging and Signage Industries are mature markets which are on a par with their international counterparts. However, apart from competitions for specific sectors of the markets there is no competition for the industry as a whole. The GAPP Awards will now address this situation. The aim is not to crown an overall winner because to compare signage with flexo or gravure with newspaper printing would not be possible. The aim is to find a winning printer in each category.

The GAPP Awards will cover 30 categories of print spanning all substrates and all types of print from litho printing, signage, gravure and flexo as well as all types of end product from stationery through to packaging. The competition is the intellectual property of Sentient Publishing and is being run under the banner of The GAPP, being the magazine with the broadest reach and coverage of the full printing industry. The GAPP Magazine is now in its fifth year of publication and addresses all sectors of the printing industry. As a result, The GAPP Awards will also address all sectors.

Vikesh Roopchand, managing director of Sentient Publishing commented, ‘As a team we felt that there was a need for a competition to showcase the capabilities of local printers. It has to be a full-spectrum competition which represents all sectors and types of print. In all the discussions with potential sponsors, suppliers to the industry and various printers we have found that there is a great deal of support for this concept. The aim is to make this a fully inclusive industry event and to act as a unifying feature for the different parts of the industry.’

Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies and certificates will be presented in each category according to the results of the judging. Printers, their clients or agencies can enter work but it is the printer who will win the Award – should one be presented.

Vikesh added, ‘We want to reward excellence in printing and in so doing to create an environment where printers are driven to consistently improve their quality and processes in order to excel. We believe The GAPP Awards will provide just that level of motivation.’

The categories are as follows:
1) Commercial Litho Sheetfed – Single sheet
• Encompasses all types of printed matter on a single-sheet folded no more than once or printed on a single side. This would include, flyers, posters, brochures, inserts, invitations, tent or single-sheet desk calendars.
2) Commercial Litho Sheetfed – Publications
• Includes all multi-sheet printed materials which will be compiled and bound into a publications of some sort. This will include booklets, brochures, annual reports, magazines, catalogues, diaries, books, newsletters etc.
3) Commercial Litho Sheetfed – Stationery
• All manner of private, office and corporate stationery including business cards, folders, letterheads, multi-sheet calendars, compliment slips, envelopes etc.
4) Heatset Litho Webfed
• Encompasses all types of printed matter produced on a heatset offset web press.
5) Coldset Litho Webfed
• Encompasses all materials printed on coldset web offset press whether as part of a newspaper or inserts for inclusion with the newspaper or for other uses.
6) Packaging – Corrugated/Flute
• Packaging printing litho onto corrugated or flute board, direct and laminated.
7) Packaging – Flexible
• Packaging printing onto flexible substrates such as film or foil. Like processes will be judged against each other.
8) Packaging Paper/Board/Kraft
• Packaging printed onto paper, linerboard or kraft board or paperboard used for packaging applications.
9) Inline Printing
• Printing of packaging material as a complete inline printing and die cutting process. This includes corrugated cartons.
10) Labels
• Printing of labels on paper, plastic and foil irrespective of the process used. Particular attention will be given to the quality of the printing, cutting and finishing techniques rather than the actual process used.
11) Flexo Printing
• Flexographic printing of all descriptions except where it competes with flexible packaging production.
12) Gravure Printing
• Gravure printing of any description except where it competes with flexographic packaging printing.
13) Signage – Large-format
• Exclusively for the production of large items such as vehicle curtains or other single-piece printed material whether flexible or rigid substrate, POS materials.
14) Signage – Posters/billboards
• Large items which are printed in tiles and then assembled in situ or before erection.
15) Signage – Non-paper Substrates
• Incorporates printing onto non-paper substrates such as wood, glass, ceramics or vinyls.
16) Signage Vehicle Wraps
• Single- or multi-colour prints onto vinyl for vehicle wrapping. Flat prints as well as photographic
evidence of the wrapped vehicle must be provided.
17) Digital Printing – black-and-white
• Digital printing of high-volume single-colour materials such as digital book printing.
18) Digital Printing – full-colour
• Encompasses all manner of colour digital printing such as transactional short-run promotional.
19) Full-Colour Digital Printing – Single sheet
• Encompasses all types of digitally printed matter on a single-sheet folded no more than once or printed on a single side. This would include, posters, brochures, inserts, invitations, cards, tent or single-sheet desk calendars.
20) Full-Colour Digital Printing – Publications
• Includes all multi-sheet printed materials which will be compiled and bound into a publications of some sort. Including Booklets, Brochures, Annual reports, Magazines, Catalogues, diaries, books, newsletters etc.
21) Full-Colour Digital Printing – Stationery
• All manner of private, office and corporate stationery including business cards, folders, letterheads, multi-sheet calendars, compliment slips, envelopes etc.
22) Variable Data Printing
• Personalised/Customised print showing accurate use of variable data to personalise or customise the item. At least two different items must be entered to show variable data usage.
23) Special Techniques/Finishes
• Special finishes for the enhancement of the final appearance. This can be techniques such as foiling, embossing, varnishing, laminates, special binding techniques or any other form of embellishment. Die-cutting, pop-ups, coatings, special techniques, fragrance and invisible inks.
24) Screenprinting
• All types of screenprinting produced using conventional screenprinting techniques. This will exclude digitally printed materials.
25) Folding and Finishing
• All different types of folding and finishing techniques with special focus on the technical requirements for a quality finish.
26) Cutting Processes
• Laser engraving, cutting, CNC cutting and engraving.
27) Self-Promotion
• Work done by any printer or other producer or service provider for their own promotional requirements but which will be distributed or displayed to the general public.
28) Innovation
• Aimed at printers or service providers who exceed limitations or expectations on technically complex or difficult jobs. In addition to a sample of the printed work, a motivation letter must be submitted explaining and describing the challenges and how they were overcome.
29) Environmentally Sound
• This category will require the use of one or more environmentally-friendly item such as recycled papers, vegetable inks, processless plates, recycled water, recycled chemistry and low alcohol etc.
30) Graphic Design on Print
• Design elements in the printing such as use of extra colours, special characteristics. This would be a design-based competition but with regards to how it pertains to the printed job.

The competition will be run over an 18-month period allowing sufficient time for companies to accumulate and submit their entries. Companies will be limited to a maximum of three entries per category and each entry will carry an entry fee. All entries will be submitted via a dedicated website which includes an electronic pay point. Once the entries have been submitted and payment made, an entry number will be generated. A copy of the entry form will then have to accompany the physical entry which will have to be sent to a central location prior to the judging process being undertaken. Entries will only be considered as finally submitted once the printed entry has reached the central storage location. Any commercial job produced within the borders of South Africa during the competition period will be eligible for entry.

A portion of every entry fee will be set aside for the provision of education and training for people currently employed in the printing industry or for young people wanting to enter the industry.

Judging will be handled by a panel of specialist judges selected by a convenor of judges in consultation with industry experts. The judging process will take place anonymously. However, judges having any prior knowledge of any job will be required to recuse themselves from judging that specific entry. All judging will be conducted on a matrix allowing for complete impartiality and fairness. The judges’ decision will be final. Judges will have the right to move entries from one category to another if they feel it is warranted. They will also have the right to request a copy of the work ticket if they believe it is necessary. Judges will also have the right not to present an award if there are insufficient entries in any category or if they believe the standards are not high enough.

Mark Ellis, country manager for Avery Dennison South Africa, one of the Associate Sponsors said, ‘There is a definite need in the local market for a competition of this nature. As a company we were completely behind the concept from the outset and look forward to being part of this exciting initiative.’ Avery Dennison is a global company active in more than 50 countries worldwide and with 26000 employees worldwide.

Speaking about the sponsorship levels, Vikesh said, ‘The decision was taken very early on in the process that there would be a limitation set on the number of Platinum and Award Event Associate level sponsors. We will only accept one sponsor per market sector. This gives the Sponsors in these levels the additional value of standing apart from other similar players in the same sector.’

Entries for the 2015/2015 GAPP Awards are now open and the main gala event will take place in October 2016. For more information please contact Sentient Publishing on 011 475 5095 or via e-mail on

Celebrating the Pinnacle of Excellence in Print

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Due to the significance of print as a medium and the considerable impact that it has on the daily lives of every individual globally, Sentient Publishing has launched The GAPP Awards.

Sentient Publishing is a media house with a myriad of business-to-business communication platforms – The GAPP Brand focusing on the print, packaging and signage industries is one of its flagship products incorporating a premium magazine, directory, expo, conference, online platform and now The GAPP Awards.

Vikesh Roopchand, CEO of Sentient Publishing commented, ‘We felt that there was a need for a competition to showcase and celebrate excellence in print. It has to be a full-spectrum competition that represents all forms of print. This initiative has been met with overwhelming support and excitement, both by printers and their suppliers, which makes us proud to give back to the printing community. The aim is to make this a fully inclusive industry event that will act as a unifying feature for various parts of the industry.’

The GAPP Awards is designed to give South African printers a platform on which their printing capabilities and quality work can be judged. The competition is fully representative and addresses all aspects of printing, be it signage, litho, flexo, gravure, newspaper, packaging and digital etc., and includes all types of substrate whether paper-based or not.

A total of 30 categories make the competition completely representative of all different types of printing and printed products. The categories will pit similarly printed products against each other as opposed to looking at specific printed products. The specific printing technique used to produce each entry will be the main entry criteria.

Judging will be carried out by a panel of specifically qualified judges under the guidance of a Convenor of Judges, who will select the judges and oversee the judging process. Judging will be conducted against a matrix which will ensure that there are no irregularities arising from the judging process. Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies and certificates will be presented to the winners provided that they meet the requisite criteria. Entries can be submitted by printers, their clients or associated agencies but it is the printer who will win the award.

Entries can be submitted via the dedicated website where a full explanation of the entry process is provided. The step-for-step entry process is self-explanatory, however, in the case where clients or agencies are submitting the entry, they will require the actual production information associated with creating the printed work. The entry process cannot be saved, so all the information will be required at the time of submitting the entry. The entry can only be considered submitted when the completed entry form and the entry fee have been received.

Vikesh concluded, ‘We want to reward excellence in printing and in so doing create an environment where printers are driven to consistently improve their quality and processes in order to excel. At the same time we want to make a contribution to the future of printing. It is for this reason that a portion of each entry fee will be allocated to the provision of training for people wanting to enter the industry or to further the education of someone in the industry. We believe The GAPP Awards will provide the right level of motivation to allow local printers to achieve The Pinnacle of Excellence.’

For more information on The GAPP Awards, visit the website or contact Sentient Publishing on 0861 111 987 or via e-mail

Breaking News…The GAPP Print Expo has arrived!

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Printexpo logo

Announcing the introduction of The GAPP Print Expo – The Printing Exhibition for South Africa. This new exhibition – a joint venture between Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery and Sentient Publishing which was launched on 12 March 2015- provides a dedicated and focused mirror on the international printing industry.

What does an exhibition of printing equipment mean to you? The answer will really depend on whether you are a supplier or a buyer of printing equipment. For printers it should mean the opportunity to see some different technology in action, to hear about the latest trends and to discuss your business and industry with all the knowledgeable suppliers in one place. For suppliers, it should mean the ability to meet with more customers than you could hope to meet in a normal week.

In truth, a printing exhibition is often seen by printers as either a waste of time or a way of wasting time – depending on their outlook. For suppliers it is seen as a necessary evil and a major expense. The question which begs answering is Why? Why is it a waste of time, why is it more of an expense than an advantage? The answer, when you really look at the information, is relevance. Printers want to know that a show is relevant to them, that it will have the things they want to see, the people they want to talk to and a good representation of the industry in general. Suppliers want to know that they will have a reasonable volume of qualified visitors to their stands to justify the expense of being at the show.

The GAPP Print Expo exhibition will take place at Nasrec on 15 – 18 March 2016 and will address the needs and requirements of the South African Printing Industry. The result is a major change to the show. It will now be known as The GAPP PrintExpo.

What is it that makes this such an ideal combination?

The first and most important aspect to remember is that both parties bring their own specific strengths to the equation. Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery has been presenting trade shows for more than 100 years. It has a long-standing relationship with the printing and packaging industry. It also hosts the top-grossing shows in a number of different industries including Mining and Industrial, Building, Security, Food and Hospitality and Marketing, apart from its Printing and Packaging offerings. Electra-Mining is its largest trade show and regularly attracts more than 100 000 visitors to a staging of the show.

Sentient Publishing has more than 15 years of experience in the printing industry having established the first directory of suppliers to the printing industry. As a print-centric company it has subsequently launched The GAPP Magazine – the broadest spectrum print and packaging magazine serving the South African market, and The SA Print Directory – a directory of commercial printers, packaging manufacturers and signage producers. The staff within Sentient Publishing have almost 100 years in, or associated with, the printing , as well as marketing and media industries.

The GAPP PrintExpo will be held at Nasrec from 15 to 18 March 2016 and will run concurrently with the associated exhibitions of Propak Africa, Foodpro, Pro-Plas Expo and Pro-Label Africa. As in previous years, Propak will be situated in Hall 6 at Nasrec. The GAPP PrintExpo will be situated in Hall 7.

In addition to the exhibition The GAPP PrintExpo will be running a two-day conference aimed at senior decision-makers and buyers of printing services. The conference will focus around trends and developments in the international printing industry giving delegates a more in-depth view of their industry and factors which are influencing it.

Commenting on the association, Gary Corin, managing director of Specialised Exhibitions said, ‘This is a very exciting joint venture for us. It allows us to leverage off of the superb reputation of The GAPP Magazine and gives us access to an extensive database of senior and middle-management players in the printing industry.’

Vikesh Roopchand, managing director of Sentient Publishing added, ‘In just five years The GAPP has gone from being the newcomer on the market to being a well-respected publication with a very large readership. We are very excited to have been approached by Specialised Exhibitions to partner with it on the staging of The GAPP PrintExpo.’

Companies wanting to enquire about exhibiting on The GAPP PrintExpo can contact Sentient Publishing on 011 475 5095 or via e-mail on For more information on The GAPP, visit

Nex Media wins the coveted ‘Brand of the Year’ Award

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The aim of marketing is to advertise or promote one’s product or brand with the objective of increasing its profile and elevating its position in the mind of its customers while achieving acceptable rates of return on investment. As a magazine serving the marketing industry, Nex Media has a responsibility to not only give voice to the advice of marketing industry experts, but also put that advice to good use and to the test.


Nex Media is published by Sentient Publishing, a company which has been in existence for 15 years and which produces leading publications in its chosen sectors, including The GAPP Magazine serving the printing and packaging industry, and The SA Print Directory which gives the marketing industry access to leading printers around the country via its interactive website directory.


Nex Media magazine was launched in January 2013 with the aim of giving the Direct Marketing industry a mouthpiece. The aim was to bring information and advice to the industry and at the same time generate discussion and co-operation for the betterment of the industry. Since then it has become obvious that to look at direct marketing as a separate entity to other forms of marketing was not really possible and Nex Media has developed into a full spectrum marketing publication addressing all sectors of the market.


Taking to heart the lessons in marketing which have been developed by numerous industry gurus, Nex Media aimed to put as many of these into practise as possible by ensuring that the brand achieved maximum market penetration and recognition. One means of doing this was to ensure that the content in the magazine was unique, informative and of a high standard. People who are well-known within the industry have been approached to write articles and opinion pieces which contribute to the diversity of the content and which lend credibility to a relatively young publication. The magazine as a brand has also exhibited at local shows to bring its existence to the fore.


The culmination of all these efforts have resulted in Nex Media being recognised at the recent Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards as ‘The Brand of the Year’ for 2014 for the contribution it has made to the Direct Marketing industry and the impact its presence has had on marketing as a whole.


The category description explains the Brand of the Year criteria as follows: One Brand of the Year award is given to a brand (name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers) that has made a significant contribution to the Direct Marketing industry during the Awards Year.


Commenting on the award, Vikesh Roopchand, CEO of Sentient Publishing and Publisher of Nex Media said, ‘Launching Nex Media has not been an easy process, but it has been very rewarding. There was no magazine serving the Direct Marketing industry and we felt there was a real need for a  publication to act as the mouthpiece and as a unifying force within the industry. Our first accolade was being endorsed by the Direct Marketing Association in our first year of publication and now we have won this award.’


He added, ‘This particular category is usually dominated  by large brands who have the widespread coverage to be able to achieve extensive market penetration. It is indeed gratifying that an entrepreneurial organisation like ours with a relatively new product such as Nex Media, in a niche market has been able to achieve such an outstanding accolade.’


Nex Media makes use of a full spectrum of channels to achieve market penetration. Apart from the 4300 printed magazine which are distributed via the postal system, the magazine is also available in an electronic version on the Nex Media website. In addition, a monthly electronic newsletter is sent out to an additional 4000 recipients. The magazine can be viewed via either the website or via the newsletter.


Roopchand concluded, ‘This multi-channel approach to distributing the magazine means that it is read by as many people as possible, all of whom are active in the marketing industry. It truly is an integrated marketing campaign and makes use of all the elements we talk about and address in the magazine. We are honoured to receive this award.’


To see back issues of Nex Media visit the website or send a mail to to be added to the mailing list for the electronic newsletter or to receive a printed copy of the magazine.